Rules for writing

            Articles are submitted in two copies in Ukrainian, Russian or English with a supporting letter from the organization and an in-house review. Articles are transferred by e-mail at the address or any electronic media with an electronic copy of the article is enclosed. The volume of paper - up to ten pages of printed text for experimental articles, up to 15 – for reviews, including illustrations and a bibliography. The last page of the second copy must be signed by the authors.

            The references in the text are indicated with the sequence number of the reference [in square brackets]; the list of the cited references should be presented in the order of appearance in the text.

The structure of the article: UDC. Title of the article (up to 10 words). The authors. The authors' affiliations. An abstract 100-250 words. The abstract should have the same structure as the article. Key words up to 10 words.

A brief Introduction where the authors should specify the field of study, prove its topicality. Analysis of publications, pose the problem in general, show its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks, analyze recent publications in which solving this problem was set in motion and which are cited in the article, emphasize the unsolved tasks of the general problem to which the article is devoted. The aim and tasks of the study. Material and methods, years and conditions of the study. Results and discussion with full rationale. Conclusions and prospects for future research in this area.

The list of cited references arranged according to the requirements of the CBE/CSE style in the C-S system.

 The text should be typed in MS Word for Windows (version 95 or later), font Times New Roman, font size 12, single-spaced, page A4 (21.0 cm × 29.7 cm). Charts, diagrams should be constructed in MS Word (Word Graf) or as a figure, photo in TIFF, PCX, JPEG format.

Mailing addresses and contact phone numbers are attached to the article in a separate file. A separate file enclosed to the article must contain postal and email addresses for correspondence, contact numbers, and ORCID ID code. If the author is not registered in ORCID, he/she should create an account on the link

            The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet the topics of the collection, that contain outdated (5-7 years old) data, one-year results, or that do not meet the article submission guidelines. The Editorial Board of the interagency scientific collection of papers Selektsia i nasinnitstvo performs external and internal  reviews of papers submitted for publication (according to the international publishing ethics - a double-blind review: by the editorial board members and by leading specialists in the corresponding field).

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